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If you're wondering Who We Are: Or-Coast Net is the web hosting and technical partner with Orion Graphics, the design half of the team. We are physically located on the central Oregon coast in the Northwest Pacific region of the United States of America. When a project requires it, Orion Graphics consults with prominent international software specialists and is licensed by Image Intelligence, Ltd. of the United Kingdom, as well as others, for the use of their proprietary Java programming to accomplish some of Orion's custom designed, interactive web wizardry.

Samples of Interactive Web Navigation Interface Designs: You can examine some examples of this creative and successful approach for web merchants by selecting "Designs" on the menu bar above to see what can be done with easy-to-navigate, E-Commerce web sites. Select "Services" and "Hosting" to get details about various site packages which can get you online with an automated "turn-key" setup. Credit card sales with SSL secure transactions are available for commercial sites. See the details about E-Commerce sites for a further explanation of online credit card purchases. Credit Cards

What Do We Offer? All web site design and construction is custom tailored to match each client and product. Not just websites. We have also created an automated trading portal similar to Oil trading platform to help traders interested in investing in oil from anywhere in the world. Click on the öl profit plattform and learn more about the oil trade. Sales responses tend to be greater with this approach than with the stock "cookie-cutter" designs that flood the internet. A unique image that attracts and rewards the visitor with interactive feedback will establish a strong web presence for your company, but the real results are the high rates of repeat visits to interactive web sites. Even our basic design and hosting package includes a custom logo and menu designs with a complete, interactive navigation system, yet costs are reasonable and competitive.

You Own Domain Name for the Search Engines: We can also facilitate the official registration procedures for your own domain name, if desired. Don't forget to look at our optional promotion package for your custom web site. We make sure that your site gets the flow of traffic it deserves. After all, we designed it (with your help, of course) and your successful web site means more people get to appreciate our work. While you're thinking about it, why don't you bookmark this page right now? There's a lot of stuff here and you'll probably want to refer to some of this information while comparing design and hosting services. Not to mention the need to test those buttons again ...

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